Uwin Card Yojana Registration Gujarat 2021

Uwin Card Yojana Registration Gujarat Detail

The Central Government and the Government of Gujarat run various government schemes. Which enhances the well-being of the citizens. Many Government Schemes are implemented by various departments of Gujarat Government. In which we present information about various schemes run by the Department of Labor and Employment.

Uwin Card Yojana Registration Gujarat 2021
Uwin Card Yojana Registration Gujarat 2021

UWin Card Yojana has been implemented by the Labor & Employment Department, Government of Gujarat for unorganized sector such as farm laborers, hawkers, bedding workers. This card will help in availing the benefits of various welfare schemes. And UWIN CSC is given to the workers with unique number as proof of identity.

Scheme Nameયુ-વીન કાર્ડ (UWIN Card)
BeneficiaryTo unorganized sector workers
Full Form of UWINUnorganized Worker’s Identification Number
Where to applyOnline from the nearest Common Services Center (CSC)
UWIN Helpline number1800 121 3468
Uwin Card Registration

Eligibility for Uwin Card Yojana

Uwin card is issued to unorganized workers by the Department of Labor and Employment, Government of Gujarat as proof of identity. UWIN Card Registration should have the following qualifications for CSC.

  • There must be unorganized workers to take advantage of this scheme.
  • Beneficiary age should be 18 to 59.
  • Workers who do not have a provident fund deduction or who do not have a BPL card should not be employed in the organized sector. (EPFO / ESIC / NPS) Aadhaar card.
  • Beneficiary’s annual Rs. Eligible for those earning less than Rs. 1,20,000 / -.
  • Must have a savings account or Jandhan account.

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Who can avail of U-Win Card Benefit?

All of the workers listed below can benefit from the UWIN card

  1. ખેતશ્રમિક
  2. કડીયાકામ, ઈંટો ગોઠવી
  3. સુથાર, મિસ્ત્રી
  4. લાકડું અથવા પથ્થર બાંધનાર કે ઊંચકનાર
  5. વાયરમેન
  6. વેલ્ડર
  7. ઇલેક્ટ્રિશિયન
  8. પ્લમ્બર
  9. હમાલ
  10. મોચી
  11. દરજી
  12. માળી
  13. બીડી કામદારો
  14. ફેરીયા
  15. રસોઈયા
  16. અગરિયા
  17. ક્લીનર- ડ્રાઇવર
  18. ગૃહ ઉદ્યોગ
  19. લુહાર
  20. વાળંદ
  21. બ્યુટી પાર્લર વર્કર
  22. કુંભાર
  23. કર્મકાંડ
  24. માછીમાર
  25. કલરકામ
  26. આગરીયા સફાઈ
  27. કુલીઓ
  28. માનદવેતન મેળવનાર
  29. રિક્ષા ચાલક
  30. પાથરણાવાળા
  31. ઘરેલું કામદારો અથવા કામ કરતા ભાઈઓ-બહેનો
  32. રત્ન કલાકારો

Benefits under UWIN CARD

There are many types of UWIN card benefits available to unorganized sector workers. Workers with this type of card benefit from the following welfare schemes.

Accident assistance:
Beneficiaries with this card will get Rs. 1 lakh in case of accidental death and Rs. 50,000 / – (fifty thousand) will be receivable.

Assistance in serious illness:
Workers with UWIN CSC card and their family members will be eligible for treatment up to Rs 2 lakh for serious illness and farm workers up to Rs 3 lakh for treatment of serious diseases (heart disease, kidney, cancer, AIDS).

For construction workers:
Beneficiaries with this Shram Yogi Card will get Rs. Up to 3 (three) lakh treatments will be available. Rs.3000 / – per month for complete disability and Rs.1500 / – for partial disability.

Education Assistance:
Hostel with free board and lodging facility for children of laborers with UWIN CSC Gujarat card, special boarding facility for primary to higher education will be available.

Beneficiaries holding this card will be given paid training to gain proficiency in the operation.

Legal aid:
Beneficiaries holding UWIN Gujarat Card will get Rs. 50,000 / – (fifty thousand) for fighting accident compensation court case and Rs. Assistance up to Rs. 25,000 / – will be given.

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UWIN Card Gujarat Registration 2021

Beneficiaries from Gujarat will have to go to the nearest and concerned CSC (Common Service Center) for UWIN Card Online Registration.

  • Registration of unorganized workers will have to be done by the Common Service Center. And the beneficiaries will have to issue a U-WIN card.
  • Unorganized workers will have to provide a copy of Aadhaar card, bank account and mobile number and ration card as required documents for registration at the center. If the beneficiary does not have a BPL card, he / she will have to submit a certificate of income.
  • Fill online application form from UWIN card Gujarat CSC login. After filling the online form, all the supporting proofs have to be scanned and uploaded in the uwin card website.
  • Beneficiaries with UWIN Card will have to renew their UWIN Card every five years.

What is the eligibility for U-Win card?

The beneficiary for this card must be connected to the unorganized sector. And the age of the beneficiary should be between 18 to 59.

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