Gay Sahay Yojana Gujarat 2021: ગાય સહાય યોજના ગુજરાત

Gay Sahay Yojana Gujarat 2021 (ગાય સહાય યોજના ગુજરાત)

Gay Sahay Yojana Gujarat 2021 (ગાય સહાય યોજના): At the end of the adult deliberation, a resolution was passed in the year 2020-21 to revive the state’s economy in the adverse economic situation arising out of the Kovid-19 epidemic for a scheme to help a farmer’s family in subsistence farming for a single cow under a new natural farm under the new matter (2). It has been decided to give administrative sanction to spend Rs. 66.50 crore as per Gujarat Self-Reliance Package announced by.

Gujarat Government has implemented many schemes in the year 2020. Under the Cow Assistance Scheme, a cow based farmer gets Rs. 900 per month. Assistance plans have been implemented. Under this scheme, all Gujarat farmers engaged in cow based farming are provided Rs. 900- / has been announced.

YojanaGay Sahay Yojana
Last Date31-10-2021
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ગાય સહાય યોજના ગુજરાત: The Government of Gujarat has emphasized on natural farming in the year 2020-21. Natural farming means low cost cultivation of cow dung and cow urine through cow dung instead of buying the necessary ingredients for crop growth from outside, making it by natural method. Simply put, don’t buy fertilizer and seeds from outside for farming, and don’t produce it.

Required Documents to Avail Gay Sahay Yojana

The following documents are a must to avail the benefits of Gay Sahay Yojana.

  • Aadhar Card
  • 8-A copy
  • Bank passbook
  • Cancellation check if bank passbook is not there
  • Cow identification mark number
  • Consent form of the other account holder if the owner of the land is joint
ગાય સહાય યોજના ગુજરાત
ગાય સહાય યોજના ગુજરાત

Eligibility Criteria for Gay Sahay Yojana

The benefit of Gay Sahay Yojana is given keeping in view the following criteria.

  • Beneficiary farmer should have country cow with identity mark while applying.
  • Beneficiary farmer should be doing his farm labor from native cow.
  • Foreign cow farmers will not get the benefit of this scheme.
  • Under this scheme, only one beneficiary will get benefit on one bank account number.
  • The beneficiary farmer should be trained with a master trainer of agriculture or natural farming.

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Assistance from Gay Sahay Yojana

The Gay Sahay Yojana will get the following assistance.

  • Under Gay Sahay Yojana, Rs. 900 will be given every month.
  • Under the Cow Based Farming Assistance Scheme, farmers engaged in natural farming from cows are given an annual subsidy of Rs. 10800 will be found. Bank financial assistance will be given directly to the farmer’s bank account.
  • By doing natural farming, the farmer will get more production at lower cost.
  • Natural farming will make the farmer’s land fruitful and increase the proof of production.

How to Apply for Gay Sahay Yojana:

Step 1: Go to the ikhedut portal yojana gujarat official website


Step 2: On the home page of i Khedut, you have to click on the ‘’યોજના’’ option.


Step 3: After that you have to choose anyone scheme according to your choice.

Step 4: Now clicking on the link, a new page will be appearing on the screen and you have to click on the plan or scheme you want to enroll.


Step 5: After that you will ask for, you already registered in the scheme or not. If you already registered then you have to click on the ‘’no’’ and then ‘’proceed’’ option.

Step 6: After that a new page will be appear on the screen, and you have to click on the ‘’new application form’’ option.

Step 7: Now you have to fill all necessary details and the bank details.

Step 8: After that you have to fill the ration card and land details of the applicant.

Step 9: Now you have to enter the captcha code displayed on the screen in the given box.

Step 10: Now, you have to click on the ‘’submitted’’ button.

Procedure for payment of Gay Sahay Yojana

  • Approved beneficiaries will have to deposit quarterly assistance amount of Rs.500 / – per month for cow maintenance expenses through RTGS / DBT in the bank account of Rs.500 beneficiary.
  • April-June quarterly maintenance costs shall be paid in July, July-September quarterly maintenance costs in October, October-December quarterly maintenance costs in January and January-March quarterly maintenance costs in April.
  • rom the date of approval of the application, maintenance expenses of Rs.500 / – per month will be paid for the available period of that quarter.
  • Every three months, the certificate of survival of the cow with tag and the beneficiary doing natural agriculture will have to be submitted by Gramsevak / BTM) ATM on the basis of which the project director Atma will have to pay quarterly assistance. If the farmer does not have a cow during the inspection and does not engage in natural agriculture, the assistance under the scheme will have to be stopped.
  • Considering the number of applications, Project Director Atma will be able to allot Gramsevak / BTM / ATM operations.

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Gay Sahay Yojana Review:

  1. If any beneficiary has availed the benefit of this scheme and is found to be using chemical fertilizer, immediate assistance shall be discontinued. (2) The controlling officer of this scheme shall be the Director, Consensus and State Nodal Officer, Atma at the State level and the Project Director Atma shall be the Implementing Officer of this scheme at the District level.
  2. The scheme shall be under the control of the Director, Sameti and the State Nodal Officer, Atma. If any question arises regarding the implementation of the scheme, the final decision on interpretation / technical matters will be taken by the Director, Consensus and State Nodal Officer, Atman in consultation with the Additional Chief Secretary (Agriculture).
  3. Project Director, Atma at the district level shall maintain a register containing the name of the beneficiary, name of the village, account number, amount of assistance, year of giving the benefit etc.
  4. In case of death or sale of native cow or discontinuation of natural agriculture, the assistance available will be discontinued and another cow shall be reared and natural agriculture shall be done.
  5. In case of any accidental death of the cow by the beneficiary or if the cow has been sold to Goddess or given to someone else and does not own the cow, the taluka / district soul office should be informed immediately and the assistance should be stopped. Otherwise the amount received will be recoverable.
  6. At any stage after the approval of the application, it will be known through Atma or other government staff that even if the applicant does not engage in natural farming or does not have a native cow, the assistance will be stopped with immediate effect.
  7. The grant of this scheme shall be allotted by the State Government to the Director, Consensus and State Nodal Officer, Atma through the Director of Agriculture. Grant received by the Director, Sameti and SNO, Atma At the district level, the grant will be allotted to the Project Director, Atma for his performance.
  8. Targets will be allotted from the state level considering the number of talukas in the districts and the extent of natural agriculture.
  9. The Project Director, Atma shall send the Certificate of Grant Utilization (UTC) in the prescribed form to the Director, Sameti, Gandhinagar in time as well as to carry out detailed accounts and audit work.
  10. Financial payments should always be made through ECs (Electronic Clearance Service) / RTGS / DBT.
  11. Periodic changes or guidance instructions made on i-farmer portal as required will also be applicable for the implementation of this scheme.
  12. For the implementation of this program, the application form on the i-farmer portal as well as the ancillary forms shall be prescribed by the Director of Spirit. (12) The list of beneficiaries of the village should be published on the gram panchayat chora
  13. The contingency cost of this scheme shall be borne by Atma Yojana / Samati Revolving Fund.
  14. Expenditure incurred under this sanction shall be subject to the limits of the grant allotted by the Finance Department from time to time subject to the budgetary provision of that year.
  15. Adequate budgetary provision shall be made for the present work subject to the prevailing rules in the current and next financial year.
  16. Expenditure in this regard shall be made in the prescribed manner as per the provisions of the permanent as well as from time to time applicable resolutions / circulars and rules of the State Government.
  17. The principles of financial fairness shall be enforced in respect of the costs incurred in making this approval.
  18. The grant allotted under this sanction may not be used for any other purpose. At the end of the year, if there is any amount left, it has to be returned.
  19. The prescribed conditions and bids of the scheme shall be strictly adhered to.
  20. In the tender processing of the present work, the instructions given from time to time regarding the “E” tendering given in the Resolution No. dt.
  21. Strict adherence to the existing norms and procurement policies of the State Government regarding procurement to be made under this sanction.

Gay Sahay Yojana Form:

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